Friday, February 14, 2014

My Newest Project

During my downtime moments, instead of endlessly reading everything everyone I've ever known has to say on Facebook and wasting two hours of time that could be spent doing something productive, I've decided I will start a web page!

This reminded me of my first web page. It was a site where I met so many wonderful people who were in search of comfort. It was a site about ulcerative colitis. Most who wrote me were moms of children with uc, and some were wives. This site helped me so much. So as I am deciding to start on a new journey in life, I thought why not do the same thing. Hopefully make a few bucks here and there. Anyway, I'm super excited, and hopefully it will develop into something.

Right now, it's just a bunch of ideas that I am collecting and not necessarily a full website. I figure it will evolve a lot over the next few months/years. Anyway, for those who are curious, you can check it out:

Right now the focus is mainly on homeschooling, but I'm going to go wherever God leads me with that web page. Hopefully it will have the same impact my ulcerative colitis website had. I'm also considering transferring my blog there, or keeping this one for more personal use, and use that one for web page related stuff.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

One Day At A Time

If you would have told me ten years ago that I would actually be considering homeschool, I would have told you that you were nuts. I was very pro-public school, and didn't think it was a good idea for anyone to homeschool.

Even five years ago, I would have still thought you were nuts as Emily attended Kindergarten. Then, life happened. I began to meet new people, see new opportunities, and understand that there is more than one way to parent. I began having a desire for a more rounded, stronger education than what the public school offered. I met some "normal" homeschool kids, and noticed that many of the kids who were homeschooled had a much broader, richer education than those who went to public school. They also had a lot more opportunities open up to them.

So, two years ago, I brought up homeschool to Kevin, and there was no discussion about it, it was no!

The year past, and Emily made new friends, many whom were homeschooled. As we made these new friends, I began to see how there were classes they could go to, there were clubs, there were a lot of things that would socialize them. It wasn't necessarily solely schooling at home.

This year, Emily still mentioned homeschool again and again. Her reasons would range from things she must have heard from other people like, "I could be challenged more at home, I'm not challenged enough at school," to, "I want to be able to get my school work done and play at home, rather than get my school work done and stare at the wall waiting for everyone else to be done." Then there are some really ridiculous reasons to.

These are not necessarily my reasons, but I want to open doors for her. I want her to be able to excel at sports and focus on her education, without missing out on downtime too. I want her to love learning and learn to be a lifelong learner. I want her to stay focused on what's important, not what others think is important.

Then there are the fears, she will miss out on school assemblies, school dances, school functions, the camaraderie of being a graduate of a particular school. There are things we would have to sacrifice if we were to homeschool all the way through. That's when I realized, just because homeschooling is the right option right now, doesn't mean it has to be the right option all the way through.

I have a tendency to try to plan my whole life, but since I have been trying to build a large family for ten plus years, get a degree for fourteen, and have managed to have one child with no degree in sight shows that my ability to plan my future is severely lacking. So I need to relax, plan one year at a time, maybe not that, one day at a time.

Next year, I am leaning towards homeschool, but because I never know what lies around the corner, I have to keep open the idea that public school might be the best option as well.

Well, then there was tonight. A friend who I had not seen in fifteen years, invited me to check out the local homeschooling group. It was so comforting to see what I found. There were all different type of people, not the long dressed Amish looking women, but ranging from sweats to fashionable but all had a joy for family and learning.

They shared their stories of frustration and encouraged one another. They talked about their field trips as a group, which sound absolutely amazing. Field trips that would truly prepare a child to know what they actually want to do for the rest of their life, rather than just reading about careers in a book. They swapped materials, shared info about events going on. There was a lot more available than I realized.

I came home, shared about my experience, only to find out that Kevin has been doing his own research. He shared curriculum advice he got from a friend and his thoughts and feelings towards certain things, and even told me about a homeschool convention I should look into.

What I realized is, we are going to keep going forward, preparing ourselves to start homeschooling next year. Life may drastically change between now and then, because if anything, life has taught me is that it has a way of happening while you're busy planning it.

I understand not all will agree with our decision. Some may not understand it. Some will be adamantly against it, but we have my daughter's best interest at heart, and at any time we feel that it is not the best option, we will change course. Her education is extremely important to me, and I truly feel that she would get a better one using the resources we have around our community than the ones found in our local schools.

Monday, February 10, 2014

My Family Is Just Not Normal

My family is just not normal. First, I have been studying Spanish and writing a Spanish paper all night. Whenever I try to talk to my husband, in English, he yells and bangs things on furniture saying, "En Espanol!" He claims it's because he believes that I shouldn't speak English while studying Spanish, I believe he likes to annoy me. 

Then I just went into the bathroom. My daughter took a bath tonight, as opposed to a shower. I sat down and when I went to use the toilet paper it was completely wet. There was no water on the counter, no water on the floor, the only thing that was wet was the toilet paper on its dispenser, and I mean completely wet. How does that even happen? Plus, it's at least two feet away from the tub!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rape: I Blame Our Over-Sexualized Culture

I have to admit, one of the things that has shocked me most in today's society is our view of sex and sexuality. I'm not talking about who should marry who or anything like that, but the prevalence of rape and the acceptance of things that appear as rape.

When I graduated high school, I would say I had just a handful of very good friends, three of those very good friends had confided in me that they had been raped in varying degrees. Two by a relative, one by a mom's boyfriend, and one by an acquaintance they were dating. Yes that does equal four incidences and I said only three girls were raped, but one was raped twice.

Most of these acts happened before they even entered high school. In fact all except the date rape experience was prior to high school. The date rape experience was by a boy who was only seventeen.

So now I am older, and have encountered numerous others who have been victims of rape. I've also had mothers who have come to me and told me about their ex husbands who have raped their very own children. Since I doubt that I am unique in encountering so many women who have been victims, I have to wonder how prevalent is this.

According to one website, they said that 6-9 percent of men confessed in a blind survey that they had done sexual acts that are considered by definition- rape. This website then tells how these six percent of men, each have on average assaulted at least six women. In short, theoretically in any given room where you have fifteen men in the room with you, one of them has likely raped someone, if not several people.

I don't think you have to look too far to see why there is such an epidemic. Our culture is so sex-crazed. This does not at all excuse it, but I think we need to acknowledge this, before we can make a change.

Decisions, Decisions: God Seems to Be Speaking

Well, it looks like we will be going forward and doing in vitro.... maybe. I have one last test on Tuesday, once we get the results back, we'll be setting the month start date. The money is in fact coming. Last week, we had $0.00 saved, today we have... well... more. Enough to make it seem realistic to be ready in May or June.

The other reason I feel in vitro is in our future is we have not gotten a single call for foster care. Since we have to put a payment down in March, if we are going to start in May, then, pretty soon we will have a financial commitment. As I've seen in the past, it only takes one day for our lives to be flipped upside down, so who knows what will happen before March gets here.

We're just slowly going forward. Taking one step at a time. By Friday, we should have the results and we should know if we are proceeding forward. I'll definitely be blogging then!

The other decision is that I am definitely leaning towards home-school... leaning, not deciding on. I know that people are probably wondering if I am going out of my mind, but too much has happened over the past three years. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with public school. Even if we do pull her, we very well might put Little Miss back in later, especially during the high school years. There are just some strong reasons that have caused me to consider alternative education options.

I can definitely give her a better education than she is getting at school. I'm not worried there. There are so many resources around here that any of the areas I don't feel equipped to teach, I know who does. I do have many concerns though. Unfortunately, my concerns in the public schools are currently outweighing my concerns with home-school. Even Kevin who is for the most part against home-school is beginning to believe that we might be making the best decision.